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from Tenn,

a new musical based on the early life of Tennessee Williams, from his years trapped in St. Louis with a family in collapse, to his formative months living in the Old French Quarter of New Orleans, and the careless summer in California that followed. These were the seemingly aimless days of his youth, when a young nobody named Tom Williams discovered who he was and wasn’t, and in his wandering found Tennessee.

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from Giovanni's Room,

based on the novel by James Baldwin. David, an expat, proposes to fellow American in Paris, Hella. She runs to Spain to ponder his proposal, and in her absence, David falls for a bartender named Giovanni. When Hella returns, David must choose between the life he thought he wanted, and the love he never meant to know.


from Deathbed Edition,

when word spread that American icon Walt Whitman had fallen ill, the New York Times dispatched a reporter to keep a bedside vigil. Discover what he found in a pop-folk fantasia on sex, death, and a queer life lived fully.


photo credits: Nina Goodheart, Andrew Schmidt, HanJie Chow